Company Profile

Zhejiang Zijingang Rubber Belt Co.,Ltd

is a large and professional manufacturer which produces drive belt for agricultural machinery, automobile drive belt, continuously variable transmission belt for motorcycle, and industrial conveyor belt. Every year, it produces over 20 million conveyor belts of all kinds which are supplied to many domestic agricultural machinery manufacturers, engine factories as well as automobile and fitting manufacturers and is deeply trusted by our customers.

There is a great number of professional technical staff in the company. It has imported the most advanced quality inspection equipment and manufacturing equipment, some of which are rarely seen among the same industry, from Germany and American. Molding, vulcanizing, cutting, polishing and other processes are carried out with brand new equipment with automatic control system. In order to improve the softness and initial cohesiveness of molded rubber belts, it is the first company among the same industry in the country to use warm-keeping feed device and to adopt reverse molding and polishing technology, making it lead in technical innovation and product development. As the first draftsman or main drafting department, Zhejiang Zijingang Rubber Belt Co., Ltd. participated in making and amending many national standards concerning conveyor belts, such as “automobile V-belt”, “Belt Drives-V-Belts for the Automotive Industry and Corresponding Pulleys-Dimension”, “Belt Drives-V-Belts for the Automotive Industry-Fatigue Test”, ribbed belt,double-faced drive belt, toothed belt, Variable speed belt for motorcycle, variable speed V-belt for agricultural machinery, narrow V-belt for common use and variable speed V-belt for industrial use. Because of its technical advantage, the company lab is also defined as state-level subcontract lab of quality supervision and inspection of automobile V-belt and ribbed V-belt. Besides, the company is the first, among the rubber industry throughout the country, to share “innovation funds of national medium and small enterprises of science and technology” and “China Torch Program”. The special fund for structural adjustment of national major industry, whose total investment is 111 million yuan, is settled in Zijingang and the company has become the exclusive one among the whole industry to benefit from this support policy.

The company aims at revitalizing national drive belts, expects to produce drive belts which can “make the world believe made-in-china” and strives to create an international drive belt brand of our own.